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148-000.500/ 30301-004 of Schlafhorst

Manufacturing of motor Housing for Schlafhorst Autoconer 338 machine Brand name:JIANGHUA Use:Schlafhorst autoconer 338 machine

Automatic Fabric Folding Machine

1) It is suitable for folding finished fabric including chemical fiber type, cotton, wool fabric, knitted fabric etc. into bales

Computerized Lock Stitch Sewing Machine

Auto trimmer Auto foot lifter Auto stopping needle Auto reversing stitch Auto Voice navigation Electronic thread tension New LED with

Endless Compacting Felt for Textile Machinery

We produce different percentage nomex / polyester types of endless palmer shrinking compacting felt for compactor machine to fit your

FUWEI Domestic Computerized Embroidery

A.8 ” touch screen showing real time stitching B.Manual, Semi-auto, Auto Color Change C.Function keys including Menu, Speed up and

Knitting Machine Price Computerized Flat

Linear velocity of head can reach 1.2m/s. The stroke can be adjusted according the weaving width. Fast response, accurate location

Knitting Machine used for Manufacturing

1. One Year Guarantee, Spare Parts are always available 2. Machines keep running for 24 hours 3. Professional Sales Team

MURATA 33H Yarn Cutter/Draw Texturing

PARTS NAME MURATA 33H yarn cutter No. 33H USED FOR Draw texturing machine Place of Origin Made in shanghai

Single Colour Emboidary Sewing Machine

1. Single machine arm auto transmission; 2. Neat and beautiful stitches originate from thoughtful design, easy to meet exporting requirement