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148-000.500/ 30301-004 of Schlafhorst

Manufacturing of motor Housing for Schlafhorst Autoconer 338 machine Brand name:JIANGHUA Use:Schlafhorst autoconer 338 machine

215HP Motor Grader XCMG GR215

Strong power ,Comfortable driving environment . Adopt imported hydraulic parts .Great working performance .

3 Tone Double Drum Road Roller

Hydraulic vibrating and steering, Back drum mechanical drive. The rear-drum drive with side gear transmission and hydraulic vibration in the

Air preheater for industrial boiler spare parts

An air preheater (APH) is any device designed to heat air before another process (for example, combustion in a boiler)

Automatic Fabric Folding Machine

1) It is suitable for folding finished fabric including chemical fiber type, cotton, wool fabric, knitted fabric etc. into bales

Automatic Render Plastering Machine For Wall

This machine is residential buildings, office building wall plaster equipment.?This machine can plaster:?cement walls, brick walls, hollow walls, brick-free brick,

Chemical Hacket Reactor Equipment

Application: Stainless steel vacuum reactor is mainly applicable to the production steps such as hydrolysis, neutralization, crystal, distillation, and storing

Computerized Lock Stitch Sewing Machine

Auto trimmer Auto foot lifter Auto stopping needle Auto reversing stitch Auto Voice navigation Electronic thread tension New LED with

Construction Building Passenger Lift

1.The?building?hoist?can?be?widely?used?in?industrial?and?civilian?construction,?bridge,?under?well,?big?chimney?as?well?as?shipping?industry?to?carry?people?and?materials.? 2.As?permanent?or?semipermanent?equipment,?elevator?can?be?used?in?different?sites?such?as?warehouse,?high?tower,?etc

Endless Compacting Felt for Textile Machinery

We produce different percentage nomex / polyester types of endless palmer shrinking compacting felt for compactor machine to fit your

EPCB Gas Fired Best Industrial Steam Boiler

1-Large Heating Surface 2-High Thermal Efficiency 3-Fully Automatic Control 4-Clean Combustion, Less Pollution