Direct Delivery From Factory

We offer Groupage Container Shipment services. We combine cargo from more than one consignee for shipment together. Group container shipment cuts the costs of shipment. On arrival the container unloaded and each individual shipment may be claimed by its appropriate consignee.

Product Customization

Get customized samples or detailed photos for your approval.

Packing & Labeling

Based on your e-commerce fulfillment company’s specific requirements.


Inspection based on product specifications and your checklist requirements.

Warehouse Delivery

Direct delivery from factory to your designated fulfillment warehouse.

Listing Content

Exclusive product pictures and videos for your product listings.

Online Tracking

Track every step of your order from purchase to delivery.

We Are Professional

With over 5 years’ experience in our industry, we have become recognised specialists in our field. We have created strong relationships with various issuing authorities and embassies to ensure you receive the best possible service. Our trained staffs are available to assist you and provide you with professional and service advice.

We Understand Our Clients

Through maintaining a customer focused approach we are able to accommodate the needs of our clients. Our broad customer base has allowed us the opportunity to work with many different types of nationalities, professionals, and individuals to better understand their expectations so that these can be met and exceeded. We strive at all times to provide travellers with a hassle-free, stress-free Airline ticket services, Visa Services, Sourcing of products, Logistics Services, Accommodation and Car Hiring Services.

We Deliver On Our Promise

We commit to 100% confidentiality and honesty. We commit to provide the best quality of service. We commit to provide quickest turnaround time, professional advice and complete services at the lowest cost and convenience to our clients. We pledge to provide consistent reliability.