Business Development And Sales

Business development and sales ar 2 vital aspects of the merchandising life cycle and whereas it may be simple to target one over the opposite neither ought to be neglected. this text can make a case for each aspects of the sales cycle and supply a transparent distinction once it involves business development and sales.


Sales refers to the short term got to shut a purchase, get associate degree agreement signed, or ultimately do what has to be done to sell no matter it’s you’re merchandising. Sales techniques and techniques square measure very supported what it takes to ‘close the deal’, that is crucial to any business. If you get customers within the door however cannot get them to shop for a product, there’s a retardant together with your sales strategy.

Sales methods square measure centered on the individual customer and what has to be finished them to drag out their case, or click on the get button once it involves on-line merchandising. corporations usually set sales volume targets for a amount (weeks, months, and quarters) and have methods in situ wherever the people accountable for really merchandising will create those targets.

Business Development

The focus of business development is de facto on new business and opportunities, as opposition managing relationships with customers you’re already commercialism to. It’s extremely concerning new opportunities to develop and explore in terms of each new customers and conjointly new ways that of partnering with others to deliver to new customers. Business development is that 1st purpose of contact and relationships, when that customers square measure handed off to alternative aspects of the promoting and commercialism team in terms of responsibility.

When the stereo-typical image of a promoting govt schmoozing with purchasers and wining and eating consumers usually|this can be} often a business development govt performing on new relationships. Business development typically involves a good deal of social interaction and dealing with new purchasers to woo them over. this kind of sales interaction in several corporations is reserved for the ‘big fish’ that represent a major impact on the business if they become a client, as clearly Sony does not take each prospective TV emptor out for dinner and a field game. corporations typically tailor their business development time and funds to the target opportunities that square measure out there and acceptable to their marketplace.

Importing to South Africa, in 5 easy steps for SMEs and Startups

Having found ‘the’ product abroad, to shake the South African market as has never been seen before, now through the excitement, the hard hitting question, how to import goods to South Africa? As overwhelming as this is, there are few to do steps to importing

1 Basics :Commercial Import Invoice

Not a Proforma Invoice! The Commercial Invoice to Import is the first things first in your how to ‘’import goods to South Africa’’ to do list.

This should provide to the tee, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer a precise description of goods being imported, actual quantity (non-assumed) and importantly, can’t stress this enough, the TRUE financial value of product, free yourself from the urge to undervalue goods, free yourself from expensive fines and penalties!!

2 Accuracy

Yes we are going back there again, goods  description should clear as can be, in importing clothes for instance, the material that they are made of should be in the description (100% cotton, nylon etc) reason being there are different duty rates per material.If product is a sample, that should be stated.

This eliminates a whole lot of delays,admin and hefty fines for anything you under-value

3 SARS : Work with them

Through all this process, you will need to work hand-in-hand with the South African Revenue Services

i) Register as a regular importer via their website, the Importers Code enables you to import goods on the regular. Will also be used to check your goods against your declared price.

ii)Irregular importer, you will still need go through same process but will given a limited in the number of times you can apply

4 Have full knowledge of country of origin

With over 50 states in China, each with their own different fees, rules and regulations, suppliers might lean towards under-declare goods for importation

Due to time and financial intensiveness nature of doing research in such an environment, might be best to employ the services of a clearing agent, work with them, to get true reflection of goods and costs ultimately also avoiding fines and delays for undervalued goods.

5 Goods to Avoid

Certain items are prohibited from entering South Africa, these are a few examples

  • Second hand cars
  • Certain medications (some require approval)
  • Plant material without a license
  • Certain animal products
  • Certain liquids /quantities  may not be air freighted.

Flammables must be declared as such, along with being accompanied by a Material Safety Data Sheet for import.

Hence doing one’s diligence is as paramount as one’s needs to get said product on our shores, maybe even more so.

Obviously the tasks outline above maybe daunting and overwhelming for some, understandably, that is were companies like Allur Spar Group, come in, with their vast knowledge of the Import and Export business regulations, in addition to people on the ground, come in.They serve to give you a hustle free import or export of goods to and from South Africa, along with sourcing goods on your behalf

Smillar Article Original Appeared in Entrepreneurmag by Shane de Beer

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